Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chicken Soup   

Cut the chicken in pieces. Clean all vegetables cut into pieces and set aside. Fill large kettle or Dutch oven with water or the chicken broth. Combine all ingredients cover and cook slowly on low heat simmer until the chicken is tender about 1 hr. and15 minutes Skim off excess fat. Strain and remove both the chicken and the vegetables, place them on two separate plates (Serve the vegetables and the chicken separate with the soup) Remove chicken meat from bones and cut up the chicken. Return broth to pan bridged to a rapid boiling and add the noodles slowly stirring occasionally. Boil uncovered 10-15 minutes; the soup is ready when noodles are tender. Don't forget to taste it while it is cooking, to see how much more salt or pepper is needed. Serve the soup clear, and everyone can pick their favorites from the chicken and vegetable plates in their bowls

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